‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Isaac’s confrontation (video)

On Sunday night’s new episode of “Dexter,” we are going to see more than just a revelation that Hannah McKay is not exactly who she claims she is; we also have a pretty testy confrontation coming up between Dexter Morgan and a man who is shaping up to be one of his most feared adversaries yet: Isaac.

To this point, we admittedly have not really been invested that much in Ray Stevenson’s character, if for no other reason than that he comes across as a by-the-book sort of mob boss that does not really stand out in comparison to Trinity, the Ice Truck Killer, or some of the other more messed-up-in-the-head villains that Dexter Morgan has faced. Then again, maybe this is the point: rather than being someone who is a psychopath or possessed by a given need, Isaac is far more cool and calculating, and thanks to all the men under him he is far more dangerous to Dexter and the people he loves. He’s not just interested in taking Dexter down, either; he wants to see Deb and all of their friends at Miami Metro also six feet in the ground.

So how is Dexter really going to be able to make this stop? There’s really only one answer to it: he’ll need to find a way to take this guy out, and do it before he has the opportunity to attack people that are beyond his protection. The unfortunate thing is that Isaac is not a man who is easily reached, and is barely alone thanks to his posse. In other words, this may be Dexter’s toughest adversary to get alone since Jordan Chase, and the other major difference here is that Isaac’s team is already well aware of what sort of darkness is within him. Jordan, meanwhile, was only supported by a small group.

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