Magnum PI season 2 episode 2 sneak peek: Higgins thinks fast!

Magnum PI season 2 premiereMagnum PI season 2 episode 2 is right around the corner, and the sneak peek below is going to serve as a reminder of one thing: Juliet Higgins is awesome. Seriously, Magnum needs to do whatever he can to convince her to stick around.

In this preview, you can Magnum and Higgins do what they can in order to help a woman in danger, but they have to do so discreetly. They pose as a new couple coming to the door looking for directions to the nearest diner, while also indicating that if she’s in danger, she needs to blink twice. She does that, and this leads to Higgins springing into action. She sneaks around to the back of the residence, hoping to free the woman from her captor within the home. While she does that, Magnum knocks again and serves as a temporary distraction. Higgins catches the captor off-guard and soon after that, subdues the guy in the most action-heroine way possible. It’s not some extended fight scene, but it’s effective — and a reminder of how valuable Higgins is to this whole operation.

Through a lot of the next episode, you’re going to continue to see Higgins struggle with whether or not she wants to collaborate with Magnum in a larger way — think in terms of being a partner in his PI business. She’s also got another offer to return to MI6, what she was doing in the past and a career that could still prove to be very fruitful for her future. This is an offer that she’s seriously entertaining, and it’s hard to imagine this world being the same without her. Clearly, she’s got the training to still be effective there, but we have to think that on some level, she enjoys being so essential to Magnum’s operation. Also, Hawaii’s got a particular speed to it and a fantastic atmosphere. You’ve got a family out there — maybe not a biological one, but people who love and care about you.

So, amidst all of the butt-kicking, there are some other issues worth thinking about coming up down the line.

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