‘Homeland’ season 2 spoilers: Brody’s interview process

At least during the start of Sunday night’s new episode of “Homeland,” we are going to see Brody continue to play the same game that he has played with the CIA for over a season now: one where he is the victim of brutal torture, but hardly a traitor by any means to Abu Nazir or any of his people.

Unfortunately for him, what he does not realize in the first sneak peek that we have to share from this episode is that in many ways, he has already been found out. Carrie has already shared what she knows with the agency, and she is not the only know who has seen the video of Brody more or less making his confession of sorts. With all of this in mind, you can easily make the argument now that every word he seems will likely just serve as a means to hurt him even more. He tries to pawn off all of the accusations once again on Carrie, saying that he is not the person that she thinks he is.

This scene, like many others that we expect to see from this episode, really is a master class of acting that once again is a perfect reminder as to why this show is as critically-acclaimed as it is. For us, the real question that we are asking ourselves at the moment is not whether or not Brody is up to no good (as we already know the answer to that), but what is ultimately going to happen to him here. Can he actually escape this situation, given that the show is still pretty early in its run … and if he does not, what will the CIA do to him?

What questions do you have leading up to Sunday night’s episode?

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