Owen & Amelia (Grey’s Anatomy) vs. Callen & Anna (NCIS: Los Angeles) – ‘Shiptober poll

Welcome to ‘Shiptober 2019! Throughout the month of October, CarterMatt will be bringing you our annual tournament featuring some of best ‘ships in all of TV. What is a ‘ship? It is comprised of characters you want to see together romantically. Maybe they’re already together, or maybe they’ve never been together. It doesn’t matter. ‘Shipping is one of the most popular parts of any TV fandom, it’s super fun and this tournament is a celebration of that.

In today’s first poll showdown, we’re highlighting what should prove to be an interesting battle involving characters who were once together, but have since gone in different directions. From the Grey’s Anatomy side of things, we’ve got Owen & Amelia. Meanwhile, from the NCIS: Los Angeles side, we’ve got Callen & Anna! We know that there are still enthusiastic people behind both ‘ships, so we’re curious to learn what happens in the end.

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Owen & Amelia, Grey’s Anatomy (#1 seed) – Even though Omelia may not be together at the moment, the momentum for them out there has been strong. They finished in second place in last year’s ‘Shiptober tournament, and given the topsy-turvy nature of Grey’s Anatomy as a whole, you can probably foresee some situations where the two could end up being back together again. Given their history with Leo, it feels clear that Owen and Amelia will always be in each other’s lives in some shape or form.

Callen & Anna, NCIS: Los Angeles (#8 seed) – While the relationship between Owen & Amelia is complicated, at least the two of them are living in the same city — let alone the same country! Anna’s going to run into some serious problems if she ever reenters the country again, or at least that’s how things feel right now. If there’s a reason to have hope for the two of them still, it’s this: They’ve got through a lot already, and the producers of NCIS: LA do have that ability to constantly surprise.

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