NCIS season 17 episode 2 review: Was Ziva really a traitor?

NCIS season 17

What happened on NCIS season 17 episode 2? Think of this as a great combination of nostalgia, action, and also character development.

The main order of business tonight was seeing Ziva reunite with some old faces (take Ducky and McGee), while also meeting people like Bishop and Torres for the first time. We also learned that the past few years with Tony is “complicated,” and she is doing everything that she can in order to get back to her daughter. Everything.

Also, Ziva was still furious over how Gibbs never took the time in order to work with her

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This brings us to Sahar, who has apparently been working with a radical militia group in order to plant various bombs and stage out elaborate attacks. Yet, the members of these militia found themselves being played and they ended up getting nothing that they wanted. These attacks were a distraction, a way to ensure that the Capitol Police would enact the Iron Citadel.

The big twist

Was Ziva secretly working with Sahar the whole time? That is your big twist, and it’s something that was first hyped up in the promos for this episode. It does seem as though this could be possible, given that she was able to use Ducky’s phone in order to have some correspondence here and there.

When Gibbs brought in the Captain who was tied into the case, the next twist entered the fray — it seemed as though Ziva and Sahar were working together in order to ensure that Sahar’s operation was rebuilt. In return for doing that, she could have her old life back. We know that she would do anything in order to do that, and given that Sahar’s money was transferred out, the “theory” of Ziva and Sahar working together proved to be true.

In the closing minutes of the episode, Ziva and Sahar ended up meeting at the old Sheriff’s office that they were in at the start of the episode. Ziva thought that, because of this, they had a fair deal … but there was no even deal here at all. This led to Gibbs and everyone else entering the office and demanding that “everyone” was under arrest.

Now, another twist

Ziva claims that she alerted Interpol after the money transfer was complete, meaning that she set up Sahar, just like Sahar was setting up her. Sahar had her own people shoot her and, shortly afterwards, they were all dead. Gibbs believed that Ziva would do the right thing, and she had set up the whole thing to ensure that she would be followed the whole time. It was all a plan, and a pretty brilliant one.

So what happened even after that? Gibbs told Ziva that he didn’t look for her because he wouldn’t have been able to handle it. This is an emotional rift that is going to be there for some time, and we’re not sure that it will be healed anytime soon … or ever.

Before she left, Ziva said that there was one more thing that she needed to do, and she needed to do it alone. She had a chance to talk to Tony, but she waited … at least for now.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we consider NCIS season 17 episode 2 to be a fantastic continuation of what we got in the premiere — an intricate, intense story with a lot of different twists and turns at the center of it. Ziva will be back, so rest assured of that!

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