‘Shiptober 2019: Play-In features NCIS, Roswell, New Mexico, Criminal Minds, Siren, Supergirl, & more

Welcome to ‘Shiptober 2019! Throughout the month of October, CarterMatt will be bringing you our annual tournament featuring some of best ‘ships in all of TV. What is a ‘ship? It is comprised of characters you want to see together romantically. Maybe they’re already together, or maybe they’ve never been together. It doesn’t matter. ‘Shipping is one of the most popular parts of any TV fandom, it’s super fun and this tournament is a celebration of that.

Today, we are kicking off ‘Shiptober by featuring what is a play-in to the tournament. As you can see in the graphic above, there are ten different ‘ships vying for a spot in the main tournament, where the winner will be facing off against Waverly & Nicole of Wynonna Earp on October 8.

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Alex & Kelly, Supergirl – Dansen is one of the newer Supergirl ‘ships, which makes sense given that Kelly Olsen is a new character to the show! Yet, it’s clear now entering season 5 that their romance is going to be a key part of what lies ahead.

Gibbs & Sloane, NCIS – Last season, Sloane admitted to harboring feelings for someone close to her, but it was not 100% certain who she was speaking about it. Was it Gibbs? Our gut suggests so, given the chemistry the two have and that we have seen moments already where there have been a few hand touches, some embraces and a moment in Gibbs’ basement where there felt like there was a kiss that wanted to happen but didn’t.

Jackson & Maggie, Grey’s Anatomy – At the moment, it’s clear that Jaggie is falling on hard times following the events of the season 16 premiere. Are they really done, though? It may take some time for the truth to be unearthed.

Michael & Alex, Roswell, New Mexico – One of the most promising new ‘ships of the year, and also one that has the potential to be a powerful, multi-season love story — provided that there’s enough of a Malex investment for it to happen.

Miles & Cara, God Friended Me – They’ve been in a relationship since the closing episodes of season 1, but will that last with Cara in Paris? There’s a lot of fun to this pairing, but also uncertainty in the future.

Randall & Beth, This Is Us – Watching the Brandall relationship go through its struggles in season 3 was tough, and we’re sure that there will be more that are coming. Yet, it goes without saying that we love everything that Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson bring to screen.

Reid & JJ, Criminal Minds – At the end of last season, JJ told Reid that she’s “always loved” him, something that many a Jeid fan has been waiting to hear for years. Their future remains complicated, but it was certainly a moment that surprised!

Ryn & Maddie & Ben, Siren – One of the few notable polyamorous relationships on TV, especially in terms of a show geared towards younger viewers. Is it one that can stand the test of time? We’ll learn more in season 3.

Shaun & Carly, The Good Doctor – While it’s clear that Shaun is struggling with the idea of dating, it’s also clear that he has feelings and that Carly is patient and kind. Is there a way for something to work out with them?

Sonny & Davis, SEAL Team – One of the most endearing relationships of this past year, mostly due to the unexpected nature of it and how it brings out a new side to these characters that wasn’t previously explored.

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