Is Gavin McHugh leaving 9-1-1? Is Christopher dead?

ChristopherIs Gavin McHugh leaving 9-1-1and the character Christopher dead? It makes sense to have those fears after tonight’s episode.

For some evidence of that, just think about what we had in the closing minutes of the episode. Buck doing everything that he could to be a hero to everyone in Santa Monica dealing with the flood. It seemed like the boy was going to be okay but then, after another crash of the wave, he want over the side. We’re now in a position where we may be seeing the end of Christopher given that Buck can’t immediately find him … and that’s a pretty enormous problem. There’s a sea of people in need and there’s only so much time in order to help him. Buck could also be in this impossible position where if he saves Christopher’s life, he also ends up causing someone else’s to be lost forever.

For now, though, we haven’t heard anything definitively saying that Gavin McHugh is gone from 9-1-1 for good and, at least for the time being, we remain hopeful that he’ll stick around. We do understand that this is a show where a lot of death happens … but are you really going to kill off a kid on 9-1-1? That just doesn’t feel like the sort of thing that any show out there would want to do, mostly because the optics/end results of it would prove quite controversial. That’s especially the case for someone like Christopher who has gone through a lot already.

So for the time being, we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that Buck is able to find the kid just in the nick of time. If he doesn’t find Christopher, then let’s go ahead and hope that someone else does and is able to ensure that he ends up okay. Part 3 of this tsunami saga will air next week, and we’re hoping that we’ll get some answers here … while at the same time also getting more information as to what’s going on with everyone else. After all, isn’t this the sort of issue that impacts many different lives at the same time?

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