’30 Rock’ review: The best of Jenna Mulroney … with Kellan Lutz

Actress, legend in her own mind, reality-show judge, spokesperson for the elderly. These are just some of the titles that Jenna Mulroney has managed to have over the course of her crazy career in show business. On Thursday night’s new episode of “30 Rock,” she somehow managed to find what may have been her greatest title of all: internet sensation for middle-American hippies who don’t have a care in the world.

Now that she has these new followers thanks to more or less “ripping off Jimmy Buffett,” this forced her to create a new personality that was easygoing, a total party girl, and believed that everyone should accept themselves the way that they are. With that in mind, the men at TGS of course took the perfect opportunity to mess with her.

As for other plotline of the night, it wasn’t quite as exciting at first mostly due to the fact that we’ve seen Liz and Jack wrestle with politics, mostly because we are really just suffering from election overkill at this point and we’ve seen this sort of story on the show before. However, all of that changed once it started to get tied into what was up with Jenna, and we were quick to learn that thanks to Tracy’s hilarious breakdown of the American electorate, Northern Florida (and Jenna’s fans) were really the key to the entire election. With that, we started to see a mad scramble just as she was performing in front of a crowd in Times Square … and we were met with a “To Be Continued.” The final tag on the episode really sealed the deal for this being a great “30 Rock,” as we were reminded of everything that we saw, had another great moment of random guest star Kellan Lutz, and saw an ending that perfectly skewered the fact that so many people are now watching TV on their DVRs. Way to turn generic political banter into so much more, “30 Rock.” We salute you.

What was your favorite moment from this episode?

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