Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Compouding pharmacies, impeachment, Ukraine

John OliverOn paper, the words “pharmacies, impeachment, and Ukraine” don’t seem to have all that much in common with each other at all. Yet, when the dust settles, these just so happen to be the central tenets for Sunday night’s new Last Week Tonight with John Oliver episode.

Yet, all of these components made for a very important episode — and also one that continued to be education in its own bizarre way. It started with getting Oliver’s take on the Donald Trump impeachment story that is out there, including the role of Rudy Giuliani in there and then also some of what was going on with Trump and Ukraine in the first place.

One thing that was a little bit surprising about Oliver’s segment here is the host admitting that this impeachment scandal could actually stick. Think about it this way — there have been so many scandals over the years that have went nowhere. Because of that, it’s easy to think that so many of these are not going to gain any significant traction. This one still could.

As for Oliver’s points about pharmacies, it had a lot to do with compound pharmacies in particular. These are facilities that happen to do everything that they can to skirt regulations here and there. He used celebrities aplenty in order to ensure that the point was nailed home that there needs to be oversight, attention paid, and also specific rules to help patients. These are places that are meant to cater to a lot of individual, needs after all!

Of course, we understand fully that there were a lot of people entering this Last Week Tonight episode who probably wanted a full segment just about impeachment and impeachment only. To some of those folks, maybe there were some elements of disappointment here overall. For everyone else, though, we think that this is yet another reminder of what Oliver does best: Creating compounds of comedy, taking relevant stories and mixing them with things that should be relevant.

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