‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: It takes a big pair of…

We have seen all sorts of strange cases on “Grey’s Anatomy” over the years, but the one that we saw Thursday night has to be one of the strangest ones that we have seen yet. Why? Let’s just say that it involved really large balls, and a number of doctors who needed to grow a pair.

The “big balls” case quickly became really the highlight of the entire episode, as we started the doctors are more or less jostle for attention both for this and a rare form of tumor. Meanwhile, Derek was suffering from the fact that everyone was so excited about these operations while he was really unable to do any surgery at all. At one point, he even realized that his wife was “bubble-wrapping” him in order to ensure that he didn’t feel bad about the injury to his hand.

Thankfully, the “big balls” story came to a happy ending, and this guy clearly showed he had the biggest balls of all in asking the most important question of all from the hospital bed.

Other recoveries – Arizona’s struggle finally started to see at the light at the end of the tunnel this week, as, with the help of Alex, managed to overcome getting a prosthetic on for the first time. Hopefully, this is going to lead to her and Callie starting to grow closer together as a couple again soon.

Elsewhere… – When it came to the subject of Cristina’s new job in Minnesota, she faced a really difficult situation as she learned she was the fall guy at her new hospital in order to force out an older doctor before he ends up making a mistake with a patient. It was nice to see her develop a kind relationship with him, and that she stood up for what was right here rather than seeing the guy fall.

This was really not an episode at the end of the day that was about jaw-dropping revelations; instead, it was an episode all about progress. We saw steps in the right direction, and then steps in the same direction for others (including with April and Jackson). We also saw the continued evolution of a friendship between Derek and Owen, which would not have happened a year ago.

What did you think about this episode as a whole?

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