The Walking Dead season 10: Norman Reedus, cast on Whisperer war

The Walking Dead season 10Entering The Walking Dead season 10, one of the largest things we’re aware of is that we’re facing a new, very dangerous world … one with very dangerous new threats. Enter the Whisperers.

At the center of the new batch of episodes is fear — ironically more so than with Fear the Walking Dead (If you are watching Fear the Walking Dead then be sure to check our our latest episode reaction below and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on our finale video as well as our The Walking Dead video coverage all season!). Alpha and her group are causing panic throughout the communities, largely because there are no real indications as to when or how they are going to attack. This leads to paranoia, distrust, and a sense of general unease that was not there in prior seasons. You can see in the video below Norman Reedus, executive producer Greg Nicotero, and many others go through what makes some of this season special, in addition to some of what makes Alpha such a threat. There are many mysteries that persist, including why Beta is so loyal to her and what their own endgame could be.

Insofar as threats go, the Whisperers are interesting just because there is no real order, and it also puts some of these characters in a position where they are forced to rely on people like Negan — seriously. Relying on Negan is never a good move and it may prove to be bad again here. But these are desperate times and with that, it cause extremely desperate measures.

By the end of the first batch of episodes, we could see that the battle with Alpha and the rest of the group is going to reach its peak. Things are gonna be crazy, and there could potentially be death (as there often is in this world). There are a lot of characters to be concerned over — Danai Gurira, for example, is leaving by the end of the season. we just have to hope that at some point by the end of it, she finds a way to survive. Maybe she could take off and eventually be a part of the mysterious Rick Grimes movie. (In between this and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie), it’s clear that AMC has a history of keeping these projects under wraps.

Still, one of the things we enjoy the most is Samantha Morton talking versus Samantha Morton playing Alpha. There’s such a difference there and it’s so much fun to watch.

What do you most want to see when it comes to The Walking Dead season 10?

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