Is Perdita Weeks leaving Magnum PI, Juliet Higgins after premiere?

Magnum PI season 2 premiereIs Perdita Weeks leaving Magnum PIand the character of Juliet Higgins, following the season 2 premiere over on CBS? Within this piece, we’re going to address her story … and also what could come of it.

So what could cause Higgins to leave? Think in terms of a possible return to MI6. At the end of tonight’s episode, Higgins confirmed that she had an offer to go back to her former organization, and that is an offer that she is seriously considering. Despite everything that happened to her with her past, she is still interested in giving them the time of day. From there, she will figure out precisely what she wants in terms of her future.

The biggest reason for Higgins to stay at the moment is the family that she’s got in Hawaii — think in terms of her family. She may not be doing what she always dreamed of taking care of Robin Masters’ estate, but she’s doing great work. She’s found a way in order to ensure that she can continue to kick butt and take names without having the same sort of title that she once did.

Yet, there’s still no escaping the fact that being a part of MI6 played a huge factor in her life. Not only that, but it forged a rather larger part of her identity. This is not going to be something that is easy for her to walk away from … and nor would we expect for it to be. The best thing that Magnum can do is give her time, while also reminding her of all of the great work that the two do together. They are a great team, as they do constantly find a way in order to ensure that their clients can breathe a little bit easier.

In the end, there’s no clear timetable for when Higgins could decide the future of her life — as a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be super-shocked if she was to take off briefly to MI6 again only for her to realize that it’s not her home and eventually come back. We don’t think at the moment that any options are completely off the table.

For now, though, there is zero indication that Weeks is actually departing the series as Higgins. Keep that in mind for the time being; if it changes, we’ll certainly let you know.

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