Is Peter Gallagher leaving Law & Order: SVU after season 21 premiere?

Peter GallagherFollowing the season 21 premiere of Law & Order: SVUis Peter Gallagher leaving the show and the role of Chief Dodds?

Well, the answer to that is fairly complicated. For starters, Gallagher was never a series regular in his role — he was a recurring player, one who was a part of the show for a significant span of time. Yet, at the end of tonight’s episode Dodds told Benson that, because he “can’t be trusted” to work with the DA’s office going forward, he is being transferred to Coventry. His position there is heading the Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Task Force. It’s a less exciting position than the one he’s been in, and that is why Olivia was so upset to hear of his departure.

For now, we have to assume that Gallagher’s time on the show is done … but remember that he said that “he’ll be back.” He may have been saying it in a way to just inspire more confidence in Olivia, but we do think that he believes it.

While Dodds’ departure may be sad, there was a condition in his exit that may intrigue  many longtime fans of the show — Benson’s promotion to Captain! He claims that it was a condition in what happened to him, and we know that it is a title that Benson has long earned. While it may come with some additional responsibilities, we’re not sure as of yet how much it changes things for Benson as a character. Her goals and responsibilities will be largely the same, and we have a hard time thinking that she is going to move away from doing things the way that she has for so many years.

In between Benson’s promotion, Dodds’ exit, Carisi joining the DA’s office, and there being a new figure worth watching over there in Vanessa Hadid, the stage seems to be set for a dramatic SVU season 21. Time will tell if this story ends up living up to some of the huge expectations that we’ve got for it in our head at the moment.

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Are you hoping to see Peter Gallagher again on SVU in the future?

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