‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Calling out Hannah McKay (video)

If you want to know just why Dexter Morgan is starting to get a little suspicious of Yvonne Strahovski’s character of Hannah McKay, we have the evidence for you right here courtesy of Sunday night’s new “Dexter” entitled “Swim Deep.”

In the scene below, you can see Hanna approach our favorite serial killer while the two are seemingly out at a crime scene, and she comes with a rather logical question in tow: why did he stop in the middle of talking about someone who Wayne Randall supposedly killed? Dexter’s response ultimately is something that we are pretty sure she did not want to hear: he thinks that whoever killed this victim was not only smaller, but used a different sort of knife that caused her to ultimately hurt herself.

While we are not opposed to having another female killer since it has really been five seasons since there has been one, there are still a number of debatable issues that we have with some of Hannah’s decision-making. First, why would she ever agree to help out the police if she had a dark past that could potentially be exposed? The only thing that we can really think of here is that she was so arrogant, she thought that no one would ever find out just what she was up to in a million years. We could ultimately say the same thing about why she would approach Dexter here if she knew something strange was up. It could have been a way for her to test and see if he was starting to figure her out, but she is putting herself at risk here of landing in even more hot water given that she already knows what she did.

What do you think about this clip, and why do you think that Hannah asked a few more questions?

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