Big Brother 21 finale: Holly Allen backyard interview highlights

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In this article, we’re going to discuss some of what Holly Allen had to say about her game, her relationship with Michie, and why she understands the end result.

On why she didn’t win – “I played a very low-key game. that was my strategy the entire time. I wanted to take shots nobody would see coming … but I played a little too low-key. I don’t think the houseguests knew the moves that I was making to help [myself] and also Michie’s game also. Honestly, I don’t know if anyone would have won next to Michie.

Did being in a showmance help or hurt her? – “It ended up helping because we won HoHs back to back and we were power players. Something that I was afraid might hurt my game ended up helping it.”

Smartest game move she made – “Distancing myself from Six Shooters. I was really scared that both Gr8ful and Six Shooters would self-implode, and I didn’t want to be a casualty of it. So I needed to start working different angles of the house and prepare myself for win that happened. We did it flawlessly.”

On why she avoided the block – “I came into this game with the goal of avoiding the block entirely. I wanted to pull a Derrick and I was hoping to pull a Derrick, but I credit it to my social game. I see through fake and I figured the houseguests would too. I built real relationships and I didn’t have to use them out of necessity or just when I needed them. I knew, win or lose, my social game could carry me. It also helped that Michie and I were in power for a lot of the summer. I knew that the only way that I could go up on the block was against Michie.”

On what it’s like to be with someone who loves watermelon so much – “Honestly, sometimes I feel like a third wheel. Michie and melons and me (laughs). When he’s passionate about something, he’s very passionate.”

Does she think the best player won? – “No! Silly, because I didn’t win! Being realistic, Jackson is an animal. He plowed through comps, he’s brilliant, and he played a really good game. I do think I played a great game, but I think if anyone in this cast was sitting in the final two next to Jackson, I just don’t know if they would have won.”

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