‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Captain Hook’s latest ruse

After seeing so little of Emma and Mary Margaret on this past episode of “Once Upon a Time,” you better be prepared for both ladies to be back in a big way Sunday night as they help to deal with one key issue: the arrival of a new man to their camp who just so happens to be Captain Hook.

However, our resident pirate here is not going to be so crazy as to actually tell these people who he is right away. Instead, he is going to try to pass himself off as a blacksmith after he is tied to a tree for ogres to come after him. Then again, we have a feeling that the lack of a hand probably was a little bit suspicious for someone who is supposed to work with her hands. Emma (who is the master of sniffing out liars) is quick to actually mention this to her group in the sneak peek below, and Hook is forced to come clean with who he actually is.

We may be crazy to say this, but after watching this video we are almost interested in seeing Emma and Hook paired off as a couple. There is always irony in seeing the lawful try and go after the lawless, and Hook has a natural charm about him that has not gone away even if he no longer has one hand. Plus, we are also not sure that he is completely evil more so than just a man who knows what he wants … and at this very moment, what he wants is Rumpelstiltskin’s head on a spike for doing so many bad things to him that led to him losing his hand and also his lover, who just so happened to be Rumple’s wife.

What do you think about this video, and is there also a part of you now wanting to ship Emma and the Captain?

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