‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: What could bring Caroline, Klaus closer

It’s strange to think that one of the most-beloved prospective couples on “The Vampire Diaries” involves someone who is completely and utterly ruthless, but that is still what we are seeing from none other than Joseph Morgan’s character of Klaus. He’s not exactly an easy person to really want to love from the character’s standpoint  even though there it is so alluring from the viewer’s standpoint to see the villain somehow become “reformed” so that they are no longer the bad boy that they have been interpreted as being for some time.

So can we feasibly see his character actually getting closer to Caroline soon? Based on what we are hearing now, it certainly seems like it. According to a new report from E! News, Caroline is going to become rather upset when she learns that Hayley, a werewolf who Tyler met up with while he was away last season, is going to be staying at his house without her knowing about it. The twist? Based on everything that we are hearing at the moment about the character, we don’t actually think that she is going to be romancing Tyler at all. As a matter of fact, she may have some completely different priorities.

What makes the idea of a Klaus / Caroline storyline so rich here is really just the sense of risk that goes along with it. If Caroline for whatever reason does decide that this is the direction that she wants to go in her romantic life, she risks making just about everyone close to her infuriated and fearful for her life. Remember, Klaus has not exactly had the best of intentions when it comes to Elena, and he has been a massive thorn in the side of Damon and Stefan Salvatore for over a year now.

Do you think we will ever see these two characters get together, or are we looking more here at a tease from your perspective that will never go anywhere?

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