Who Should Come Back finale: Felicity (Arrow), Hotch (Criminal Minds), Maggie (Supergirl), & Barba (SVU)

Who Should Come BackThrough most of the month of September, CarterMatt readers have been working to answer one simple question: Who should come back to some of our favorite shows? We introduced this poll series with 24 characters divided up into four groups of six, and within these groups, two advanced to the next round. Now, the semifinals are over! Four characters advanced, and they are constituting the final battle of this polling series.

So who are we seeing square off? The title for the article gives it away — Maggie Sawyer from Supergirl, Felicity Smoak from Arrow, Rafael Barba from Law & Order: SVU, and then finally Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds. Only one of them can emerge as champion, so brace yourself for a battle like no other as these characters all battle to take first place as the person most in-demand for a return.

Voting rules – Vote however often you’d like! This poll will remain open until Monday, September 30 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time. At that point, we will create a new article with an announcement of the winner! (For more voting instructions or technical questions, check out the bottom of this article.)

Rafael Barba, Law & Order: SVU – Even though it’s been a good stretch of time since Raul Esparza was a part of the long-running NBC procedural, that has not caused the demand for more of him to dissipate at all. There are still a lot of people out there who value Barba’s work ethic and relationship with Olivia Benson — we miss them both in tandem very much.

Aaron Hotchner, Criminal Minds – While Barba’s been gone for a while, Hotch has been gone even longer — and there are very few opportunities to bring him back! (Technically, the final season has already filmed.) If there is an appearance from Thomas Gibson within there, it may be one of the most well-kept secrets out there.

Maggie Sawyer, Supergirl – Regardless of whether or not Floriana Lima comes back in season 5, her impact on this show is clearly felt. The Sanvers storyline may be one of TV’s most influential of the past few years, at least in terms of love, acceptance, and expressing an element of relatability to viewers watching at home. It’s always going to be a part of the show and a part of Alex Danvers heart.

Felicity Smoak, Arrow – Finally, here we have the curious case of Felicity. She’s one of the characters we’re the most confident about in terms of whether or not she will come back, mostly because it’s the final season and there is such a clear demand. Yet, at the same time it feels foolish to ever expect anything for certain.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

Who do you want to see back on their respective show? Get to voting below!

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