‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Why is Webber so dressed up? (video)

Thursday night’s new “Grey’s Anatomy” is almost here, but before the episode airs we still have one more sneak peek that really puts the focus here on one thing and one thing only: Webber’s personal life.

If you think back to the end of last season, then you will certainly remember that James Pickens, Jr.’s character had a little bit of a fling going on with Jackson’s mother Katherine; however, for most of the season so far there has been so much else happening that this story has not really been addressed much. However, that’s changing with this episode as some people in Seattle Grace start to wonder why exactly Webber is walking around looking so spiffy. The reason? It’s all thanks to the fact that he is trying to impress Katherine to the best of his ability. We know that his romance is a bit of a controversial plot given what has happened with Adele, but we have also seen him struggle with this very subject.

So for this episode, what you really can expect to see from Webber is some more firewords flying all over the place when it comes to his feelings towards Katherine, and also trying to get Jackson to understand them without things getting enormously awkward (as difficult as that may be to happen). The only real diversion for Jackson is that he may be too busy trying to deal with his own new relationship with April. This episode is going to deal mostly with the men in Seattle Grace, though we are also going to see Arizona continue to struggle with losing her leg, and also having to get a prosthetic put on for the first time.

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