‘Duck Dynasty’ review: ‘Big Brother’ goes asleep at the wheel

For the sake of sheer comedy, the first half-hour of Wednesday night’s “Duck Dynasty” brought to us yet another reminder of why we love this show, and why so many other people do, as well: it’s just funny … really funny. It actually does better as a reality show the job that most sitcoms are supposed to do in give us a creative story that feels true to the characters, and has something we want to watch again and again.

The pure story alone for this one was at least in part the best since the season premiere, where we witnessed the most ridiculous lawn mower race (and the only one) that we’ve ever seen. This time around, Willie installed a security camera throughout Duck Commander after Jase broke into his office on night, and the results were hysterical. Nobody was really keen on the idea of their boss playing Big Brother throughout their word day, so they executed a series of moves to really anger him to the point where he would want to do away with it.

1. Deliberately not work hard so that they could rub it in his face (though this was probably not that tough to do at all).

2. Have Si create a diversion to bring Willie out of his office (though this didn’t work since Willie wasn’t in his office to begin with, which made him flailing on the floor even funnier).

3. Have Jase turn the tables on him and use the security camera to spy on him.

The whole ordeal was completely ridiculous, but we loved every second of it. Do we wonder sometimes how work gets done? Sure, but watching people actually sit around and make duck calls is as dull as dull can be.

As for the other storyline, we might as well say it: we don’t find the children as interesting, and it’s really because they are too normal and we’re not looking at an “Addams Family” sort of situation. While Phil may be backwoods, punishing a normal teenage girl for texting too much by spending time with him doesn’t really feel new to the show, and it didn’t show us much beyond what we’ve already seen here. We like the show for the mere ridiculousness of it all, and maybe the kids should take it as a compliment that they seem like everyday cool kids despite the fact that their dads have enormous beards.

What did you think about this episode?

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