‘American Idol’ winner Phillip Phillips takes on National Anthem at World Series

Phillip Phillips has had a number of opportunities to perform since “American Idol,” but we are sure that none of them really get the opportunity to compare to rocking out the National Anthem during the World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants.

So how ultimately was his rendition of the Anthem? If you look on Twitter, then you will probably be seeing a rather polarizing reaction to the way in which he did the song. However, form our perspective we actually really liked what he did with the song with his guitar in tow; and more than anything, we applaud him for really getting through it.

Anyone who is in the music industry already knows that there is almost no harder gig than performing the Anthem, if for no other reason than that this is a song that is incredibly hard to remember the lyrics to, and you are performing it in front of patriotic people are not exactly kind critics. The pressure is never really higher than it is for this sort of performance, and we really think that he did a good job; and now that he has done it once, you will be able to do it again. Most “American Idol” stars have proven to master this song over the years, with Kelly Clarkson being a frequent favorite.

What did you think about this performance? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts with a comment below! You can check out the video of the performance via Mjsbigblog. The disc will hit stores on November 19, and it will include the double-platinum single “Home” that was featured during the Summer Olympics.

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