‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: ‘Bones,’ ‘Mad Men’ star meets Penny

Finally, one of our biggest demands for “The Big Bang Theory” is finally being met: actually reminding us that Penny is an aspiring actress. The last we saw of her career away from the Cheesecake Factory, she was starring in a commercial for hemorrhoid cream that at least got her a tiny bit of airtime on TV.

So where does she from here? Apparently, back to acting class, and she is also going to be meeting some new faces in the process that Leonard may not be all that happy with. According to The Hollywood Reporter, former “Bones” and “Mad Men” actor Ryan Cartwright has booked a part to appear in at least one episode later this fall as a man that Kaley Cuoco’s character meets during acting class.

So are these two going to get romantic? It’s probably tempting to say that they do, but this may actually be a pretty significant stretch of the truth since it is really still to early to know the answer to that just yet. Instead, what we can say with some confidence here is that regardless of what happens here, Leonard will still be jealous in the same way that Penny was of Sheldon’s new assistant Alex earlier this season. Then again, if you remember watching the actual show then you will know that Leonard and Alex never even engaged in any inappropriate behavior despite her obvious interest in him. Maybe this will be a similar sort of situation.

More than anything else, let’s hope at this very moment that this gig will finally give Penny the opportunity that she deserves to really move forward when it comes to her acting career, and that this silly holding pattern will stop while everyone else is so successful. After all, we’d love to see how Leonard handles a girlfriend who is suddenly starting to discover fame.

What do you think about this casting?

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