Jersey Shore Family Vacation video: Awaiting a Ronpage?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmingLeading into tonight’s new Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode, it feels like something is bubbling underneath the surface. It’s dramatic, chaotic, and it could bring less-than-welcome news for a lot of the show’s characters. We’re speaking here, of course, about Ronnie blowing up. It’s the infamous Ronpage that we’ve seen so many times already.

Last week, Pauly D expressed concern that something like this was coming based on some of Ron’s recent behavioral patterns — now, we’re starting to get even more of a feeling that this could be the case. Angelina makes it clear in the video below that she and Ron haven’t been speaking as of late and she doesn’t know where he is. As you would imagine, that’s a problem — the sort that could lead to some other problems coming up down the line.

For some more news all about what could be coming, just check out the full Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode synopsis below:

Angelina gets herself in a slippery situation; the roommates get a call from Mike; Ronnie’s relationship isn’t as good as it seems.

What’s going to be so interesting to us about this episode is that it marks the first Jersey Shore Family Vacation since the release of Mike from prison. It’s also nice that he’ll have some sort of presence in it, and that is something that the show has made a fairly concentrated effort to do over the past few weeks. We get a good sense that they recognized that there would be challenges that would come from not having him around for much of this season, so they’ve tried to find a way to reference him at least in a number of different forms — including having his wife Lauren (or Laurens, if you will) around for a number of different occasions.

We’ll be back tonight with more on not only this episode, but some of the drama that is sure to come up a little bit after the fact. Keep your eyes peeled!

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