‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Who gets punched in the face? (video)

In addition to the episode featuring Captain Hook, Sunday night’s new “Once Upon a Time” is the one that we were looking forward to the most out of this entire season. Why? Let’s just say that we were starting to go a little crazy (and in need of a doctor) over trying to figure out who Whale’s alter ego was from the fairy tale world.

Unfortunately, the promo for the episode has already went ahead and ruined that he really is Dr. Frankenstein, as strange as that is to process given the time period in which the Mary Shelley book was published. Thankfully, we do still have plenty else to look forward to judging from the latest clip from the episode published below. In it, we get the opportunity to see something that has really been coming for a few episodes now: Whale getting a punch squarely to the face.

So why exactly did this happen? As you may recall, Mary Margaret admitted to having a one-night stand with Dr. Whale earlier this season back before Emma arrived in Storybrooke. With that in mind, David has decided to seek his revenge, even though it happened back before the curse was broken and before the doctor had any idea at all that she was really Snow White or a married woman. Luckily, David Anders’ character does not really take any offense to it, and he quickly returns to his next primary item of conversation in trying to figure out how to get Emma and Mary Margaret back in the town after they were warped to a fairy tale world that supposedly does not exist anymore.

As for how Frankenstein is going to turn up here, it comes via an attempt by Regina to bring back the stable boy that she loved in Daniel, whose death is in many ways the reason she became the Evil Queen that she is labeled as now.

Would you have done the same thing in David’s shoes? If you want to see another potentially-major spoiler about Emma’s past, you can do so here.

Photo: ABC

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