Lucifer season 5 episode 2: The latest episode title tease

LuciferWhat’s coming up on Lucifer season 5 episode 2? We know, for starters, that it was written by show executive producer Ildy Modrovich! Also, the title has three words.

In a new post on Twitter, Modrovich did her part to tease her upcoming episode using the first letters of each word. What do we got? Think along the lines of “L.L.L.” Modrovich made it clear that this is an acronym that “might not be too tough to figure out.” Yet, there are also so many possibilities that it’s tough! It feels like Lucifer is probably in there somewhere, whether it be “Long Lost Lucifer,” “Lucifer’s Lingering Love,” or something in that vein. It could be related to a quest to get Lucifer back from Hell, or maybe something that is a testament to his emotional state. (“Lonely” could easily be one of those words.)

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We remember back when we got the acronym for the premiere title, which turned out to be “Really Sad Devil Guy.” We were able to get the last two letters correctly, but stumbled with the first two. The main reason why “Lonely” may not be a word in here is because we just had an episode title with a degree of sadness in there. If you are the writers for Lucifer, at what point do you decide to mix things up a little bit? Odds are, you want to keep things as fresh and exciting as you can.

What we’re hoping for out of Lucifer season 5, at least in the early going, is a movement back to get Lucifer Morningstar back to Chloe Decker and the rest of his world. We want to of course know that the twist at the end of the season has weight to it; yet, a big part of the joy of the show is seeing Lucifer around the LAPD. What better thing to do than see him get mixed up in some of the cases?

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