Paddy & Nico get Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions!

Britain's Got Talent: The ChampionsWho got the Golden Buzzer on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions? If you’ve seen the title above, you already know the answer to that. Paddy & Nico, a dance duo like no other, received the honor today from David Walliams!

The choice to give it to this duo comes amidst an episode where it felt like the audience was trying to egg David on to use the Buzzer for just about everyone who came out on stage. In a lot of cases, he relented — for Richard Jones early in the episode, he wanted to wait for someone he felt maybe needed it more. We know that David loves to give his Buzzer to some campier acts and we definitely think that this is an evolved version of that. It’s far superior than a lot of the Golden Buzzer acts that he’s given it to over the years, and we do think that there is something so inspirational about an 85-year old woman being able to go out on stage and do some of the stuff that Nico does. Who else would even bother to attempt some of what she does? It’s incredible.

In the end, we have a feeling that the end result of this show is going to be controversial — it’s always going to be controversial. This is just the sort of show where that’s going to happen since the British public isn’t getting all that much of a say on it. We know already that the general criticism is going to be regarding these two — namely, that they are more of a good story than a genuine talent, given that there are so many other dance acts who may be stronger overall. Yet, few of them captivate audiences and in the end, we recognize that this is what this show is all about. It’s about finding a way to put a smile on your face and if Paddy and Nico do that, more power to them!

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