‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Will the religious warfare continue?

Just in case you did not see enough goodness in our first photo about a mystery man stopping by “Downton Abbey” Sunday night, we now have something else that is rather interesting to share: a photo that shows that there is going to be plenty more story when it comes to religion and these characters following the fight that was a key point in last week’s new episode.

So are Violet and Robert holding Tom Branson’s newborn daughter Sybil here, and are they doing so in front of a Catholic priest? Admittedly, we are not extremely well-versed in the history of dress for Roman Catholicism and the Church of England during this time period, so despite our research we can not accurate determine just what church this man belongs to. With that being said, we would be both beyond stunned and mortified to suddenly find out that Hugh Bonneville’s character would snatch up this child and go and christen her with a church that was not approved or accepted by Tom first. With that in mind, our suspicion here is that Robert has agreed to see the child be raised Roman Catholic, which thus explains what appears to be a pretty unhappy look on his face.

Unfortunately for our Lord here, this has not exactly been a particularly easy season for him. First, he watched his residence delve into financial trouble to the point where Matthew had to bail him out; then, he also ended up seeing Violet and his daughters turn against him when it came to how he was treating Ethel while she worked as a cook for Isobel. Considering that Cora is not even sleeping in the same room as him, though, we can’t really see it getting much better for him before the end of the season.

Why do you think Robert looks so miserable here, and do you think that Tom got his way?

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