Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Luxury competition results (day 87)

Big BrotherWe’re gearing up for the nominations a little bit later today within the Big Brother 21 house! There’s going to be no drama there, as Head of Household Nicole is almost surely going to nominate Jackson and Holly for eviction.

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With that, there’s no real need to focus on that too much and instead, let’s concentrate more on a competition-of-sorts that went down in the house today. This is clearly just a way to fill time in the game, given that beyond the HoH and house meeting, there isn’t a lot of content for Sunday’s episode. There’s a reason why the show typically does a flash-forward to speed up the final four week in the game — often, you don’t have much content.

For the record, this competition didn’t happen because the HoH was so fast — it would’ve had to have been planned out in advance.

What made this competition so interesting is that Ovi was brought back in order to take part in some way — most likely as a host. He hasn’t been in that house in months, but this is clearly a reminder that production liked him and would’ve loved to have kept him around for a lot longer. (We’re really disappointed that the Nightmare power never got to play out on the show.)

In the end, Jackson won the competition and $5,000. It sounds like Nicole did reasonably well, but Jackson is now oddly having a pity party for himself over it. He’s grateful for the cash, but he feels bad since other people didn’t win and also that Cliff has a family and could’ve used that money. Maybe he genuinely does, but maybe this is just his continued efforts at image reparation since he seems to be so concerned about the big lie that he told in an effort to get Tommy out the door earlier this week.

Nicole also claimed this week that Cliff is tired, he’s frustrated, and the game is starting to take a real toll on him. He knows that he’s near the end and he wants to have his family there on finale night. Nicole is being so empathetic towards Cliff, and the irony here is that Cliff has already tried to push himself closer to Jackson/Holly than Nicole … not as empathetic.

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