Legacies season 2 spoilers: Learn about the new headmaster!

LegaciesLegacies season 2 is going to feature a number of different changes. Take, for example, Hope being locked away in a separate dimension … and nobody’s going to be aware that she ever existed. It’s a hard place for her to start things off, and she’s not going to be the only one falling on hard times. Take, for example, Alaric — a man starting off the season without a job!

Since nothing within the TV world can ever stay the same from one season leading into the next, the departure of Alaric from that position leads into the arrival of a new headmaster, someone played by Alexis Denisof. The character’s name is Professor Vardemus, and based on what executive producer Julie Plec had to say in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, he is uncovered after a lengthy search conducted by Caroline Forbes — otherwise known as the invisible hand of Legacies these days. Even if you don’t see her in the flesh, she does still find her own way to impact the story. We’re still hoping that Candice King turns up eventually, but that’s going to be something that is fully up to her — we think the writers would find a way to create a storyline perfect for her.

So what will the perception be around the new Professor? Plec notes that there are going to be those who love him, but it won’t be everyone:

“The students jokingly call him Gary Poppins … You can imagine that someone who’s a bit stiff and a bit proper and a bit opinionated might not go over as well as perhaps we would want him to. But there will be a faction of kids who love him and a faction of kids who are wondering exactly what it is that makes him tick, and it will be a lot of fun seeing him and Alaric trade barbs over the teaching methods at the Salvatore School.”

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A part of the fun here for us is just knowing in advance that we’re going to see these characters struggle to adapt to all of these changes — and for Alaric, it’s going to be extra tough. He’s used to having a certain degree of power at the school and when that’s gone, what happens?

For a first-look photo at the new Professor, check out what we’ve got below via the aforementioned site.

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