Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Everyone knows about Tommy, Christie

Tommy BraccoThis afternoon in the Big Brother 21 house, the biggest secret of the game (at least at this point) was finally revealed by Tommy. Ironically, it happened not long before CBS viewers learned that Tommy had told the truth to Jackson and Holly.

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So why did Tommy choose to go ahead and spill the beans to Cliff and Nicole? A part of this likely came from him not wanting Jackson and Holly to use this against him. He also claimed that he wanted everyone to be on a level playing field all together and now; that way, he can be aware of everything happening around him at virtually all times.

Cliff and Nicole were receptive to him and didn’t seem to hold it against him at all for keeping the secret … though to be fair, Cliff’s suspected something for a while. Earlier this season, someone shouted a suspicious message towards the backyard that Christie and Tommy knew each other … and that’s something that could have derailed the whole season. Tommy admitted this afternoon to hearing that and being afraid it could have ruined everything in the game for him … but he persevered on past it.  Also, we don’t think that production wanted this to become a huge part of the season. With that, the megaphone part of the narrative was buried for as long as possible.

For now, we do think that the secret itself won’t impact what Cliff and Nicole want to do — which, for now, involves them fighting to keep Tommy in the game for the week. Ultimately, Christie was already going to support Tommy no matter what. The only thing that we do know with certainty is that this proves that Tommy is capable of keeping of keeping secrets. That does prove that he could be a dangerous player down the line … but so is a showmance in Jackson and Holly.

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