‘The X Factor’ USA: Demi Lovato, Jillian Jensen, CeCe Frey react to decision

We know that there were a number of controversial selections made on “The X Factor” in order to determine the top 16, but we are not entirely sure there was any one that was as polarizing for most of the fan base as the one that sent Jillian Jensen home, and CeCe Frey straight through to the live shows thanks to a choice from judge Demi Lovato.

Before we share any reactions, we do feel inclined to say this: this was not necessarily an “either / or” situation, and it’s unfair to say that Jillian was cut because CeCe made it through. Both are talented in their own right, and there is a major part of us that, when it comes to mere talent alone, actually thinks that CeCe may be the strongest pop singer in the whole competition. However, we also felt the same way about Kitty Brucknell last year on the British version of the show, and felt that much of her problem really was something rather similar in that she could just not appeal herself to voters.

So how are three parties involved here feeling now? While Demi had a nice message for CeCe, she specifically took the time to write something to Jillian about her exit:

“It was really hard to let someone so special go home. Stay Strong @ItsJillJensen, you are beautiful.”

Jillian honestly tweets so frequently that it’s hard to put just one message here, but one thing we really did like that she did was encourage her fans not to hate on anyone else just because they advanced to the live shows and she didn’t. After all, there’s really no reason for anyone to be saying some of the things that they are online about CeCe, who has really done nothing bad per se outside of just being at times off-putting with her personality. Hopefully, messages like this one can help to turn things around for her:

“Haha I bawled all over again watching that for the first time…. What an incredible experience I’m so freakin blessed.”

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