Who should come back? Dawson (Chicago Fire), Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy), & more

Who Should Come BackOne of the best things about watching a long-running series is that you get invested in so many of the characters! Yet, at the same time the downside here is that you find yourself feeling sad in the event that a given character departs. You come to miss them, and you want to see them back in whatever way possible.

Ultimately, this is what this entire CarterMatt poll series for the month of September is all about! Within this article, we have six different characters who are missed by many on their respective shows. At the end of the article, there’s a poll for you to vote for who you’d love to see back! The two characters with the most votes will move on to the next round. The only real criteria we have is that these characters are not currently series regulars on their former shows — and they are still among the living.

Voting rules – Vote however often you’d like! This poll will remain open until Monday, September 16 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time. The second round will begin later that same day. (For more voting instructions or technical questions, check out the bottom of this article.)

Abby Clark, 9-1-1 – Connie Britton only signed a one-year deal to help get Ryan Murphy’s first-responder series off the ground, but it’s clear with every passing day just how much the character is missed. There was the relationship that she had with Buck, what she did on the job, and also the overall awesomeness of her performance. We’d love something more, even if it was just one episode.

Gabriela Dawson, Chicago Fire – It goes without saying that viewers miss Dawson, as she was a major part of the series for the bulk of its run before finding a new calling in Puerto Rico. It was Monica Raymund’s decision to leave the series, and while she may be rather busy now with new projects, the fact that she’s alive does give us hope that she could maybe turn in a cameo again someday.

Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, Criminal Minds – For the majority of the CBS’ series run, this character was a focal point of the story and the main driving force of the BAU. That run ended after an on-set incident and Thomas Gibson’s departure. While a reprisal for Hotch in the final season is unlikely, Gibson himself has come out publicly in support of his former cast and crew.

Jefferson Jackson, Legends of Tomorrow – While not every character on the Arrowverse time-travel show worked in the beginning, Jax was one who had immediate appeal. He was from humble beginnings and with that, one of the show’s more-grounded characters. That’s saying something, given that he also was Firestorm, one of the most over-the-top heroes out there. We know that he’s still out there, and even without Martin Stein, he’s worth watching.

Samar Navabi, The Blacklist – It was the decision of Mozhan Marnò to depart the series during the show’s sixth season, with Samar opting to disappear for the sake of protecting everyone close to her — including Aram. Our heart still aches for him, and we like to think there’s a day where things can be different and the two can have a happy ending … rare as those are in this world.

Arizona Robbins, Grey’s Anatomy – Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew were both written out of the ABC series at the same time, and the news remains depressing given that both of these characters offered up so much spirit and vivacity. They were fun, heartfelt, and for Arizona in particular, groundbreaking. She not only brought strength, but also representation for the LGBTQ and disabled communities.

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