NCIS season 17 episode 2 photos: Ziva meets Bishop and Torres!

NCIS season 17 episode 2The big NCIS news just keeps coming, and today we come bearing some new photos featuring Ziva meeting some of the newer members of the team!

In the years following the departure of Cote de Pablo from the series, there were some new performers who ended up joining the series. Think along the lines of Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop and Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres, among others. Above, you can see a photo of what could be the first meeting between Bishop and Ziva on the second episode of the season called “Into the Light,” airing on Tuesday, October 1.

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We would imagine that these two would have a lot of different stuff to discuss here, and for good reason. Bishop is the first person to learn about Ziva being alive (provided that Gibbs didn’t know — there are plenty of theories out there about that), and we would imagine that Ziva would appreciate the support that she received from Bishop in keeping her secret safe. Maybe they can become good friends on the other side of this! If nothing else, we think that Bishop probably does look at Ziva as a sort of mentor, someone who has been through it all at NCIS and she can look to her as a source for some advice.

NCIS season 17 episode 2

As for the meeting between Ziva and Torres, we think the two could be kindred spirits — even if they could butt heads here and there because they’re both so strong-willed. Both of them have a history of being off the grid and they understand the ramifications that a job like this can have on those around you. They also both have some of that action-hero status to them.

So why is it taking until episode 2 for Ziva to meet both of these characters? We think that a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that Ziva is going to be very much preoccupied in the premiere with staying alive, helping to keep Gibbs safe and they will still be hiding out. For us personally we are happier with the meetings a little more spread out since we don’t want everything and the kitchen sink crammed into the premiere. Otherwise then it all just feels too rushed and after the long wait for Ziva to return we don’t need to rush.

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