‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: The next shocking event

Only a matter of hours removed from Tuesday night’s new episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” and we now have some more scoop about what is going to be coming up next. While this may not be something on par with the shocking death that we witnessed recently with Opie, will will still be something that causes you to possibly let your jaw hit the floor.

So what is it? According to a new report from E! News, the event that we will be seeing on the show soon is none other than a kidnapping! To make matters worse, the person who does end up getting snatched is going to be in some serious danger; this is not a guarantee by any means that they will be dead by the end of the hour, but their life will surely be tested by some of what transpires.

The interesting (and a tad ironic) thing about this show is that there are not only a good many candidates for who could be kidnapped, there are also a good many for who could be the kidnapper. Everyone from Damon Pope to Jax to Roosevelt has something to gain, and Gemma may be so close to rock bottom at this point that it is also possible that she could have snapped and done some shocking in order to find her way out (only for it to blow up in her face later on). Whatever it is, let’s just hope that it has a bigger impact on all of the characters of the show than what transpired with Warren.

Who do you think could be in trouble looking forward to next week?

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