‘Hart of Dixie’ review: Zoe and Lavon get some marks on their record

If Tuesday night’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” was a morality play, then the moral behind it would probably be rather clear: do not jump to conclusions, because when you do, some bad things tend to happen.

What was one of those bad things? Let’s just say that it involved Zoe making a pretty understandable (but still regrettable mistake) when she saw Wade going to his place with a mystery blonde woman, and there was the infamous “sock on the door” that we have seen so many shows utilize over the years as a rather grotesque symbol for one thing that we probably do not have to point out to you here.

With this in mind, Zoe sprung into action to find herself a man in Zach … but the problem here was that while she was trying to make Wade jealous after they had spent so much time hooking up as of late,  he was actually with someone who did not have romance on her mind at all. Instead, it was someone with a different sort of goal in mind thanks to her job at a building supply company.

As if this was not bad enough for Zoe when it came to putting her foot in her mouth this week, she ended up leaking some details about Lemon, Lavon, and a certain shoplifting situation to his competitor (and her new BFF) in Ruby, which led to some valuable campaign ammunition and the first major blemish on Lavon’s record when it comes to his role as BlueBell mayor. Since the shoplifting was not completely what it seemed, it may not end up hurting him too much; as for his friendship with Zoe, however, he may start trying to keep better track of what he tells her moving forward.

Overall, this was not a great day for Zoe Hart … but did this episode make you happy as a viewer?

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