The Hills: New Beginnings season 2 premiere date hopes on MTV

New BeginningsFollowing tonight’s finale on MTV, what’s coming up in terms of The Hills: New Beginnings season 2? When could it premiere?

Let’s go ahead and kick this off by giving you some of the great news: There will, in fact, be a season 2 of The Hills: New Beginnings coming up in the future! That’s at least something that you don’t have to be worried about. MTV confirmed the news on the series’ future earlier today, and we personally feel like they planned this out from the start as a show that they wanted to stick around for many years. Why wouldn’t they want that? The original version of this show lasted many years and became a pop-culture sensation.

Let’s make it clear: The ratings for the first season of the show were not enormous. This is not some out-of-this-world hit show. Yet, at the same time, it did well enough to make us think that it has some staying power — plus, there are probably some viewers who are checking it out after the fact. The live viewership for this show just so happens to be different than for the original version of The Hills so many years ago. People watch things more via DVR and streaming now.

So when could The Hills: New Beginnings season 2 premiere on MTV? At the moment, our feeling is that it will be around by the summer of next year — but it could be earlier. A lot of it just has to with the fact that it benefits MTV to get the show on the air sooner rather than later. There’s also a lot of stuff that could be addressed on the show moving forward, especially when you think about what’s gone with Brody Jenner since the end of the first season. Think along the lines of the end of her relationship with Kaitlynn Carter.

We’ll hopefully have some more news on the air before long — let’s just hope that there is a batch of episodes that explores some new territory, including stuff we haven’t seen before.

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