‘Sons of Anarchy’ review: Poor Joel McHale…

In between Gemma’s breakdown, Clay trying to establish some power for himself again, and Tara trying to find a way to give Otto some peace, there really was quite a bit that unfolded on Tuesday night’s new “Sons of Anarchy.” However, what we are really more interested in talking about at the moment is the power of the celebrity guest star … especially when this said guest star is Joel McHale.

This is where we are actually torn when it comes to the “Community” star’s much-hyped appearance as Warren. From an acting standpoint, McHale did a good job taking on the role of a pretty seedy con man who makes a play on Gemma, and then feels the consequences of this said play. His role did not really tie into what anyone else was doing, and for that reason, you could argue that they could have made this character someone who would actually have a great bearing in the story long-term.

With this being said, it’s obvious why the writers put this in from the standpoint of trying to give both Jax and Nero some meaty material to show that they care about this woman and how much she has lost. Could there have been another way to do it a little more relevant? Sure, but we also imagine that this episode brought us what many people at Greendale have been hoping to do to Jeff Winger for years. It was ultimately a nice little break from what we have come to expect from the show, even if it’s clear now that we will diving back into some deep stuff for all characters, even if most of them went through some heavy stuff, as well, this time around.

What did you think about this episode?

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