‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2: A major surprise from Emma’s past!

“Once Upon a Time” has consistently been one of the most tight-lipped shows on television over the past season and a half; so with that in mind, we have to admit that we are a little bit stunned by some of the latest promotional photos that were just released by ABC for the episode named “Tallahassee” that will be airing next month.

Why? Let’s just say that you could very well read into the images that Henry’s father is none other than the mysterious man played by “True Blood” alum Michael Raymond-James. Why? It’s clear that he and Emma do have some sort of past, as it actually appears almost as though he is trying to help her out of some sort of bad bind. (Of course, the irony here is that Emma was working as a bail bondsman at the time that Henry found her during the pilot.)

Could this all be a giant red herring by producers? It’s certainly possible, especially since we know that producers do like to keep major shockers as much of a surprise as possible. As for the speculation that this character could also be Baelfire, there’s no real evidence of that present here; however, some fans have argued that there was all sorts of evidence in the apartment that we saw during the first episode of season 2. (Let’s just leave that open to debate for now.)

What do you think about some of these photos, and are you taking Raymond-James’ presence as some sort of proof that he could be Henry’s father? We want to hear all of your theories in the comment box below!

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