Songland finale preview: Ryan Tedder focuses on OneRepublic!

SonglandThe Songland finale is going to be heading over to NBC on Wednesday night, and this one should prove to be very fascinating. Why? Let’s just say that it involves finding a song for Ryan Tedder and his band OneRepublic.

Let’s start things off with a reminder that Tedder has been on Songland for the entirety of this series. Now, though, he’s got an opportunity to find something for his own band rather than just trying to help someone else. He’ll experience what it’s like having to closely evaluate songs and figure out what would be right for them to find their next hit.

We image that creatively, one of the other interesting parts of this episode is that Tedder will be looking beyond some of his own production to find something. He’s a guy who constantly wears a lot of hats, and we have to imagine that he tries to balance all of them with OneRepublic.

So what would he be looking for? If we think about some of the most-popular OneRepublic songs out there, they are tracks that are very mainstream, but at the same time emotional and relatable. You listen to a song like “Good Life” and it brings a little bit of joy into your day. Meanwhile, you get a lot of drama and passion out of songs like “Secrets” or “Stop and Stare” from one of their earlier albums. They’re one of those rare groups that seems to find equal success both with ballads and then also more upbeat pieces.

In the end, we’ll have to wait and see precisely what the songwriters bring to the table for Tedder and his group. We’re not sure that they are looking for any one thing in advance! You just gotta listen to the music, see what really moves you, and then make some decisions from there. It can be rather damaging at times to go into episodes with any particular expectation. After all, if you do that, you’re just increasing your odds that the expectation isn’t matched and you get let down on the other side.

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