‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Is Nina Dobrev’s Elena cornered again?

Stop us when the following story sounds familiar: on an upcoming episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we are going to see Elena be placed into a situation where she is trapped between Damon and Stefan. Okay, you’ve probably already stopped us by now. The truth here is that it has become almost a time-honored tradition for this show to continue to play at tension running rampant within this love triangle, and it is going to happen quite possibly in the biggest way that it has yet during the upcoming November 8 episode.

So what sort of situation is Nina Dobrev’s character going to get herself involving in this time? Well, let’s just pass over the official episode synopsis for this installment (via TVLine), and it suggests that this time around, we are going to be looking at a story that is really all about the resident vampire core of Mystic Falls trying to defuse a hostage situation:

“When Connor takes Jeremy, Matt and April hostage at the Grill, Stefan and Damon have a serious disagreement about the best course of action, and Elena again caught between the two brothers.”

The person we really feel for at the moment the most is April, if for no other reason than this only going to be the second occurrence of the season where this character is going to be in a near-death situation. Last time, she was able to escape at the last minute courtesy of Elena rescuing her and them glamouring her. What is going to happen this time?

How long are you going to be okay with seeing this love triangle play out?

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