Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Tommy admits to knowing Christie

Tommy BraccoTo think, we didn’t anticipate anything big happening in the Big Brother 21 house today until after the Power of Veto. Yet, Tommy decides to go ahead and admit to the biggest secret of the season.

Earlier today, Tommy decided to drop the news in a conversation with Jackson and Holly that he, in fact, does know Christie from before the game — she dated his aunt for some time. He didn’t go so far as to say everything else (the two have known each other the majority of their lives), but this was another of a seismic bomb on the house that it’s dramatic enough as is. This is the sort of thing that will get all of BB Twitter and beyond talking about things all at once, and to think, the Power of Veto Competition is also being played right now.

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So why did Tommy decide to say something, especially at this point? It may be him throwing his Hail Mary, his own version of Dan’s Funeral or Frankie telling everyone that Ariana Grande is his sister. These are the moves you do when your back is up against the wall. The difference is with those moves, you could see possible advantages. The only advantage for Tommy saying this is that maybe he garners sympathy for having to work with Christie the whole game because of some sort of preexisting relationship the two had — Christie benefited from Tommy’s game, but did Tommy benefit from Christie? Maybe here or there, but the past few weeks not so much. Really, the day 44 blowup right before Sam’s eviction is when everything changed. Christie tried to defer all responsibility for the chaos onto Tommy and Jack, and the Six Shooters alliance was never the same on the other side. Tommy’s allies started to fall by the wayside, but he was forced to stick with Christie over any of them because of a pre-game bond.

For the time being, Jackson and Holly have agreed to keep this secret … but there is no real guarantee that they will. You better believe that the temptation for the two to spill the beans will be there very soon … though Cliff and Nicole are the only people they can actually tell.

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