‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween special review: Death … and Adam Lambert

We don’t know if we had so much fun or been as terrified by an episode of “Pretty Little Liars” as we were during Tuesday night’s Halloween special. We pretty much spent the entire hour with a pit in our stomach knowing that somebody was going to be dead by the end of it, but then we also had a good ten or so minutes we spent dancing to “glampire” Adam Lambert. Before this episode even made it to the halfway point, however, Adam was more or less missing in action, and then terror completely took the place of “Trespassing” singalongs.

So what happened aboard this “ghost train”? Let’s just say that things really started to get more than a little crazy when Spencer was kidnapped by Garrett, who was wandering around the train wearing some crazy-creepy mask. What he brought to the episode was something rather important: an attempt to clear his conscience. Garrett, Jenna, and Alison apparently got into a rather vicious shouting match outside the night of her death, and Jenna actually thought that he killed her. However, he later actually saw none other than Aria’s own father Byron confronting Alison minutes later, and he run away as soon as he saw what was going on.

As the night unfolded, we really saw a pretty terrifying situation where almost everyone of the Liars was captured by presumably someone from “A-Team,” whether it be Aria locked in a box or Hanna tricked by someone in a mask. What was a little more interesting was who ended up actually in the box with her: Garrett, and he wasn’t breathing. What a terrible way to go out, too: just when everyone was starting to think you were innocent. Methinks that someone did not want him spilling the beans any more than he already had…

Aria was of course saved at the last minute, and was in a complete and total sobbing mess as a result while Garrett’s body just lied there lifelessly. What was bad about this, though, was that it put the ladies in a rather bad position considering that they are once again in a sticky place when someone died … though they were not really suspected of much of anything here just yet. There were really two final creepy moments during this episode, and they were big ones: a hand rising up out of the dirt (which we are a little confused about), and what appeared to be Alison’s body being hidden at the bar on board the train.

The other strange story from the night was the little awkward blonde girl who suddenly showed up out of nowhere and started to talk to Hanna’s mother … only to later disappear like a classic Halloween ghost story.

What did you think about this episode?

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