The Walking Dead season 10 video: Samantha Morton on what’s next

Walking Dead season 8Want to know what’s coming on The Walking Dead season 10? There are a number of different stories to be excited for, but the continuance of Alpha is up there.

While there are a number of different components as to why this show has a chance to thrive coming down the road, Samantha Morton’s character is one of them. We’re talking here about a notorious comic-book villain who has a different lease of life on the show. The writers are taking advantage of an opportunity here to build up her story and present a lot of different dimensions. That’s a cause for excitement, and also a cause for all sorts of questions. How far will Alpha go? How many more lives will be lost at her hand?

Beyond just thinking about what Alpha could do moving forward, there is admittedly also something quite intriguing about the video below — after all, there’s something so weird about hearing Samantha Morton’s natural voice after spending so much of the series’ run listening to her play the character of Virgil. She comes across as so upbeat in her interviews talking about the show … and then you stop in and reminder that she is playing one of the most terrifying characters imaginable. We know that Alpha is someone incredibly dangerous — she pulls no punches and she does pretty much whatever she can in order to cause chaos. She operates by none of the traditional rules and that is what makes her effective.

So how long can a character like Alpha exist within this world? There is no certain answer to that, but we would imagine that she would be around for at least a handful of weeks into the season, if not longer. We want to see this character have enough time to breathe so that her story is properly explored … even if it does end up being a painful one.

The Walking Dead season 10 will premiere on AMC in early October; we’re only a month away now!

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