Riverdale season 4: Lili Reinhart on series’ long-term future

Betty CooperHow long could Riverdale end up lasting on The CW? This is certainly a question that we’re sure the folks behind the scenes have wondered to themselves as many fans have as well. This is a show about high school, and with that, there is a sense of finality that goes along with it. Once you see these characters graduate, how much more story is there left to tell?

The long-term future of the series is definitely something that actress Lili Reinhart is thinking about. Speaking within a new interview with Variety, the actress made it clear (while promoting her new movie Hustlers) that she foresees this show ultimately lasting around six or seven seasons. That’s about the length of a standard TV contract for most actors, and we have to imagine that such is going to be the case here, as well.

Of course, what makes things all the more interesting is knowing that over the course of season 4, we are going to see many of the show’s main characters get closer to graduation. If they graduate in season 4, where does that leave the show? That’s the eternal struggle for a series like this. You don’t want to just leave everyone hanging around and struggling after high school, and you also don’t want to drag out high school for so long that you end up getting to a situation where the actors appear way too old for them to be believable there. You could do something akin to setting a season 5 or season 6 in the summer, after characters have completed a year of college and are heading back home. Or, you could try to set it over some shorter period of time. It’d be hard to make 22 episodes work within such a condensed span of time, but anything creatively is possible.

In the end though, we recognize that this is mostly an issue that Riverdale can deal with when they get a little bit closer to the end of the season … but we’re sure that the creative team is figuring things out now.

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