Supergirl season 5 spoilers: Kara, Lena’s relationship to take center stage

SupergirlThere are a number of important stories to be told across Supergirl season 5, but one of the biggest ones ties directly into season 4. Think in terms of what happened with Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. Lena now knows the truth about her friend being Supergirl … so will she even be her friend on the other side of this? Will Lena be friends with anyone after this? Remember that she’s basically the last person to know within the extended friend group.

As you would expect, this broken relationship is going to be front and center for most of the story. Speaking via TVLine, executive producer Jessica Queller notes that “the relationship between Kara and Lena is the emotional center of the season … Kara’s betrayal puts that friendship front and center.”

Does this betrayal mean that we’re going to see Kara and Lena at odds with each other all season? Not necessarily. The same goes for whether or not Lena will turn evil. It’s going to be easy to just jump to the conclusion that this will be the impetus behind some sort of dark transformation, but we don’t think this world is so black and white. While Lena may be hurt and have some darker impulses because of it, we don’t think that this fundamentally changes her identity as a human being. There are fundamental tenets to who she is and she’ll just need to hold onto those. She can’t let go of that.

For those who want a little more scoop on season 5, be prepared for some more big surprises coming with the character Eve. We know that she is tied to the group Leviathan at the center of this season, and Queller notes that there is an unexpected twist coming for that character at some point during the second episode. If the goal for Supergirl season 5 is to keep us as viewers constantly on our toes, that’s not something that we’re ever going to protest.

The one thing that we do still have to do is wait — the latest new episodes aren’t going to be hitting The CW until we get to October.

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