‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: Next week, it’s even more awkward (video)

The moment you found out that Serena’s boyfriend on “Gossip Girl” was the father of the young woman who was dating Nate, you knew things were going to get very uncomfortable, very fast. With that in mind, we present was is really the culmination of all things awkward happening during next week’s new episode.

You knew that eventually, Serena’s history with Nate was going to somehow ended up making it to Steven’s ears … and now it has. So how is she really going to be able to deal with this? Apparently, the answer is going to be by finding a way to expose another secret that may be even more shocking involving Steven’s past! We don’t know how this entire situation could be even more icky at this moment even if these people tried.

The only unfortunate thing about this promo is that you really don’t get any idea at all as to the aftermath of the enormous disaster that was the debut of Blair’s fashion line from last night’s episode, or how Sage is going to be punished for pretty much transforming the entire evening into a frying pan of exploitation claims. Strangely, though, we do think that it is possible that Blair and Serena could eventually find some common ground together over the fact that they were both used in some way by a young woman who they originally perceived to be rather innocent save for a small rebellious side.

Can you believe that there only are seven episodes left to this series? With this in mind, it is pretty safe to declare one thing about the show above all else: if Steven and Serena are going to break up, we anticipate it happening sooner rather than later to make room for what is going to be coming up next.

Do you think that Serena’s new relationship will make it?

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