‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Jennifer Carpenter promises ‘big’ finale

Even though we are only a third of the way into “Dexter” season 7 at this moment, it’s not too early for some season finale scoop … right? With this thought process in mind, we are turning to Jennifer Carpenter for some rather interesting thoughts on what is going to be happening a little ways down the road for Deb, Dexter, and the rest of the cast.

First, we are really just excited to see Carpenter tell TVLine that she really is just as excited as we are about this season, which feels like in some ways a massive shot in the arm to a show that really needed to get some positive momentum going again after a sluggish year or two. As for the finale, it’s looking like it could be one of the biggest ones in the series’ history:

“I have never been more excited to see a finale in my life. It takes me 15 seconds to get wrapped, get in my trailer, change clothes and get out — I am famous for it! They just leave my call sheet on my car, that’s how fast I am. And I stayed after work to go up and watch footage of the last scene. It’s so satisfying on every level. I’m so proud of this season. I can’t wait for people to see it. It feels like we are back in a great, big way.”

Easily, this finale has the hardest challenge out of any that the show has produced in several years. Not only does it have to wrap up some of the stories from this year, but it also has to do so while at the same time setting the stage for what is going to eventually be the show’s endgame. Season 8 will supposedly be the last, and we anticipate some sort of major cliffhanger here to give us an idea of where the show is going. Rumor has it that the writers have already started work on the final scripts for the show.

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