The Flash season 6 photo: Are Barry and Iris concerned?

The FlashThe Flash season 6 is premiering on The CW when we get around to this October, and there’s a looming sense of dread around it. That’s what happens when you’re afraid that a Crisis like no other is coming at just about any second.

The photo above is one of the first images that we’ve got from the premiere episode, and it’s one that is featuring a change in the timeline — or, to be specific, that newspaper headline. Given the room that Barry and Iris are standing it, it’s clear that they are likely looking at the infamous newspaper headline — and realizing in the process that the time of Barry’s disappearance is fast closing in on them. As you would imagine, that’s going to be a problem — a big problem — and it will define much of the story this fall.

How do you live knowing that you could die? We imagine that when you are The Flash, you deal constantly with a sense of abject mortality. You know that something terrible could happen to you at almost any time, but you always know that there is a chance that you will find your way out of it. This is a little bit of a different situation, given that there is an inevitability here and while it’s possible the timeline could change it, it’s hard when you don’t know how. Sure, Barry could fly through the timeline to figure things out, but in the process there’s a million other things that could happen.

In the end, what we’re witnessing here is mostly a situation where almost any little thing could happen and if you’re Barry Allen, you have to do everything within your power to try and deal with it. You want to spend time with the people you love and you just have to brace for whatever happens. The headline changed because of something that was totally out of your control and because of that, it’s always possible that your own fate could change, as well. We don’t expect The Flash to be ending this season, so maybe that alone should serve as a sign for a good bit of hope.

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