‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Major wedding scoop!

Who doesn’t love a “Grey’s Anatomy” wedding? It’s something that has become a part of the fabric of the show more or less over the past several seasons, and we are going to be seeing yet another one coming up a little later this season.

According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, we are going to hear wedding bells for one of our favorite characters in the tenth episode of the season, and strangely, this will not be the biggest surprise that happens during the episode. Instead, it will be a couple who gets drunk, and then breaks into someone else’s hotel room. We don’t know know if they will be doing so with malicious intentions or they are just going to blame it on the alcohol, but both seem like ample possibilities.

As for who’s getting married, you can probably figure it out based on the people who we know are going down that road. As for who is behind the break-in, our biggest suspects are Meredith / Derek and April / Jackson. Why these two? It’s mostly because we don’t know if Owen and Cristina will be back together by that time, and we don’t know yet whether or not Alex and Jo are going to be together at all. However, that is not going to stop us from rooting for them every step of the way!

For now, weddings are really not even on the “Grey’s Anatomy” radar as everyone is still trying to deal with life after the plane crash. Thursday night’s new episode will be a welcome break as the show tackles some more lighthearted topics in an episode that will be largely about the boys.

Who are the two couples that you think are involved in what is currently a little bit of a blind item?

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