Power season 6 episode 2 preview: Tommy works within shadows

Power season 4 episode 9Moving into Power season 6 episode 2, we don’t have to tell you at this point that things are going to be crazy. Everything within this show at the moment is crazy and we don’t get a feeling that we’re going to see them slow down anytime soon. We are, after all, in the middle of a position where you’ve got Ghost wanting vengeance, Tommy furious still at Ghost, and a lot of lives on the line.

For Tommy, can you make the argument now that he has the tactical advantage over Ghost mostly in that nobody actually realizes that he is still breathing. Thanks to that presumption of death, he can operate more from within the shadows and plot whatever he wants his next move to be — whether it be against Ghost or against his whole operation. One of the other things that he may try to do is rope in Tariq to some of what he’s got going on. In a lot of ways, he would then be finishing the job that Kanan first started. Remember what he was doing with Ghost’s son? The whole goal there was to get under his skin and take something else that Ghost valued away from.

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Now, we’re in a position where Ghost has almost no one — Tasha is leaving him, Angela is gone, Proctor’s finding himself entrenched in all sorts of issues, and there are federal prosecutors out there ready to put him in handcuffs. This is one of the first times that Ghost truly feels alone. Heck, at this point Tommy’s got more than him — LaKeisha is still on his side (at least for now) and he can garner some sympathy with his proclamations that Ghost set him up so that he would murder his own father.

With Angela only gone, we can only assume that the rest of this final season is only going to get more and more insane from here. It’s hard to imagine anything otherwise given the direction that the story is currently moving.

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